This past weekend has been one of those confused ones. Many people do not know where to go and what to do.

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that there will be a cessation of movement in the five disease-infested zones namely; Nairobi, Machakos, Kimbu, Kadiado and Nakuru.

This means no travelling and to add to that, bars and restaurants were shut down for sit-ins. Just take away services.

Kamene and Jalas expressed what the announcement meant for them. Speaking on The Morning Kiss, Kamene said,

"Nairobi now got this new title, disease infected zone. When he was calling out the 5 counties I was like what? Then he said cessation of movement I was like what. Then he killed me with strike three, bars and eateries closed and the curfew it is at 8 pm and I was like mandem you're killing us with one touch.

And I remember we were in the same position last year just that curfew was at 7 and the days have been pushed further because this year I got to celebrate my birthday."

While sighing, Jalang'o replied to this saying,

"You do not know what this thing has done to people. The hospitality industry is dipped down. As of yesterday, we were sending guys home because people were cancelling trips because Easter was going to see hotels recover. With all the trips that were planned.

For a hotel to plan for such gigs, they have to buy food before, alcohol, uniforms and even the cleanup and renovations. Everyone was hands-on saying this is the time to redeem. "

Kamene then added planning for a birthday trip was hard.

"I was trying to book a trip to Mombasa for my birthday but I was struggling because the coastal region was full to capacity. And then this?

I was at the village market and I could see the waitress and waiters sad wondering what next because they were just getting a hang of it then these new directives slapped them."

All a disappointed Jalang'o had to say was "Mr.President umetumaliza. We are finished"