Remember late last year when Bien and Chiki decided to get their wedding bands tattooed instead of walking around with a ring.

We finally got to see how that went in the latest episode of their reality show,  Sol Family. And I must say, Bien's gangster points were questioned. Manz was screaming as Barry drew the tattoo.

"I am so scared of doing this. I have anxiety. I feel like I am going in for surgery." Bien said as he walked into the room

Chiki who did not look bothered at all was ready to go first.


"So Bien has a problem with taking off his ring. Today Bien and I are going to get our rings in the place where our wedding rings are." She said

For Bien, his love for Chiki is 100% so he did not understand why it had to be marked with pain.

"I need Chiki to understand that my ring is in my heart. My commitment to her is in my heart. I do not have to go through excruciating pain to prove my love. 

I am super anxious because I have never gotten a tattoo before and I do not like needles. I would rather have a whole buck of pills to swallow than take a jab."

It was so bad for him he even said he was about to throw up he even asked for some time to cool off from Barry, the tattoo artist.

"I think this is a very special day for both of us. Rings you can remove but tattoo it is much harder to remove. We are both really excited about the fact that this is something we want to do for both of one another." Chiki said

In as much as manz was in pain, he was happy he got to do it with the one he loves.

"I am dedicating one line to Chiki. I hope put love with be infinite. Infinity in the sense that the two lines are side by side. They are parallel and I hope we will be parallel to each other and I know we will stay together. I am happy I have done something with someone I love." Bien said as 'Kitenge' by Nviiri played in the background