If 'I am ready to risk it all' was a person it would definitely be Eric Omondi.

The fight that got his show canceled and brought so much drama online with the moral police Ezekiel Mutua was all fake.

Manz made us all look like fools especially after he came in for The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas explaining that this drama started from the house. He claimed the two ladies had some tension all day.

"And all of you guys actually believed these girls fought. When you hear me say #PresidentOfEntertainmentAfrica Best Believe!!!! We are about to take over this CONTINENT!!! #WifeMaterial2 Resumes in two weeks. BIGGER!!! BETTER!!! @[email protected]_jeycman🇰🇪🇹🇿🇺🇬#BattleOfTheNations." He said

I know! We were played, guys. 

But we have to give it to the Wife Material team, the cops and the club. It was too real. Question is, was his war with Ezekiel Mutua part of the show or was he really in big trouble?