Social media in laws, please come here. What do you want with Betty Kyallo?

When she is living her best life, it is a problem, when she is silent it is a problem. What do you want her to do?

Whichever way, she has put it out there, she has made a decision to do her.

In an interview with Kiss100 when she was opening her barbershop, she was clear that these days nothing moves her. A lot has been said about her and she is now past that. 

So if she wakes up and feels like dancing, she will, if she feels like showing us her boo thing, she will if she feels she needs to show off some skin, she will. And nothing or for that matter no one will stop her.

Echoing the words in the interview above, she took to social media and said,

”For all these people who think they will comment on my videos and say, oh, my gosh, you can’t even dance. Well, put your videos online as you’re dancing. Actually, I don’t care. I just remembered. If I’m having a good time, if I’m feeling great about myself, if I feel I’m beautiful, if I feel I’m sexy, just leave me alone.

I will not remove my videos, I will not edit my videos, I will not be humble with my videos. I will dance the way I know… And there’s nothing you can do about it.”