We all know Brenda Wairimu and Juliani went their separate ways but they are both very present in their daughter  Amor's life. 

Okay that is accordign to Juliani in his last interview with Betty Kyallo when she was doing 'Up Close with Betty'.

Taking to social media, Brenda posted a picture of her, her daughter and her brother explaining family is not always the normal nuclear we are used to seeing in the books.

Times have changed and even more to that, life happens.

"If you'd have told me years ago, that this is what my family would look like...well, I probably would believe you because I know life takes turns we don't expect sometimes. We lose parents, relationships end, and you do what you can to adjust, to keep living. This is my family, me, my Amor and my little brother. Family doesn't always look like Mr. Kamau, Mrs. Kamau, Tom and Mary. Sometimes it looks like Me, Amor and Franklyn. Sometimes it looks like you and your husband. Sometimes wife and wife, husband and husband ...Sometimes it's just you, and that's okay too.#Tbt !!!🧿" Brenda said

I think this is a very important lesson children should be taught at a young age. Because when they go to school and they find their family is not what other families look like, it can be a problem.