Kamene Goro and Jalas
Kamene Goro and Jalas

Kamene says she asked her followers what is really important to them and what matters the most right now.

Most of them mentioned financial stability and getting a good job but notably, few people mentioned finding a life partner, settling down and having kids.

She went on to narrow it down to what they really prioritize between love and money in the run up to age 30 and that is where everyone settled for money.

Jalang'o says that if Kenya could have many scholars who have achieved things then maybe kids would prioritize education so that they could get money.

"For anybody above 25 towards 30 there is nothing else on their minds but money, nikama education huishia at age 23." Said Jalang'o.

Babe you are here in your benzo jamming with a panoramic sunroof and this kid sees this is Kamene at 29 and she has this, they think that all they need is money whatever means possible.


Today we decided to ask listeners the same question and the results were not shocking.

Elaine Soya: Peace of mind and making money to have a comfortable future for me and my family

Frank Oj: Good governance for the benefit of all vulnerable & marginalised people in Kenya. Change is what I desire most at my age, on a macro scale. I wish all Kenyan children would live a better, safer, quality life with access to enough food, quality education & healthcare, security etc

Nairobian babe: Making money of course so that those other things follows

Ian KE: Money Money More money Alot of money

Detective rey: Pesa nanii, a good example is the likes of Kenya's top runners, most of them education is not that important to them.