Weh! People are really tired of what life is throwing at them.

Just the other day Brenda Wairimu walked around with her undies been seen and then apologized for all those who saw it all. Read the story below:

Yesterday was Avril's day. We are not sure if people saw her underwear but what we are sure of is she walked the whole day with the fly wide open.


"OMG did I walk around with my fly open all day? 👀 Are we all that stressed? As in including myself 😆. Kila mtu na shughuli zake. Seriously noticed cause of this photo 🙆🏾." Avril shared

I am sure this has happened to you too. I remember I walked with my fly open last year and it was because I added some weight. I left the house with a closed fly but because of the new thigh weight, the zip opened slowly by slowly.

When you get home, you ask yourself so many questions. Thicking who saw you and why they did not tell you to zip up. So embarrassing.

Avril, I totally understand you but it is what it is. At least you broke the news before anyone else who was waiting to wake up and serve us some tea. If you know you know.