Eric Omondi is out here helping Khaligraph Jones get some millage because the streets after the lockdown are tough.

I am sure you have been seeing the trending hashtag, #unlockourcountry. Kenyans in the entertainment and hospitality industry are suffering and they are calling out on the president to provide solutions to this problem.

Khaligraph has been very vocal about this and today he dropped a song, 'Kasheshe', and coincidently met Eric to help him get his numbers up.

"Kama PRESIDENT the best I can do ni ku give back to the society. Wacha Tusaidie vijana juu naona ni Kasheshe ndio ako nayo mob. Mimi ndio nililipia hio Audio na Video ya Kasheshe. Iko hapo juu Kwa LINK YANGU.#KijanaPunguzaKasheshe" Eric said

He told the rapper he should not be calling out to Uhuru Kenyatta rather to him who has access to his fellow president.

"Unaongelesha Uhuru Kenyatta, niongeleshe mimi.  Ntapigia Uhuru simu nimuongeleshe kama fellow president."

Countering to that Khali said,

"Aii aren't you the one who was harassed and arrested by Matiangi's people just the other day?"

To make sure his gangster points remain as is, Eric said that the cops were paid as part of Wife Material.

"I paid them as cast members for Wife Material 2. There is a lockdown now so let us come together and help these struggling artistes. Go watch this guy's (Khaligraph) song, Kasheshe on YouTube." The comedian said

Guy's what if it was all scripted? I mean if the whole thing even the address from Ezekiel Mutua. I have trust issues now.