Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

Today's breakfast show was all about being grateful for life, appreciating people's hustles as well as showing some love to our significant others.

The two presenters, Jalang'o and Kamene led by example as they publicly praised their lovers.

Kamene who just announced that she is expectant, sent out a touching message to her baby daddy as she praised him for always being her rock.

"Let me appreciate and be very proud of my baby daddy, he is a really nice guy, he is very kind ananipenda yaani he is a dope dope guy.

I can't say my baby daddy's name but you are super super dope and as much as things are a bit weird between us I can't wait to raise this baby with you." Kamene said.

Showing some love to his lovely wife, Jalang'o said;

"A big big shout out to Jaber herself, Amina Chao my wife I love you so much you are the most beautiful thing that happened to me and our kids. Thank you so much for holding it down in the house, the kids and everything." Said Jalang'o.

Do you have someone special in your life? Why don't you take this special chance and show them some love.

Let it be a way to help them kick start the month of April on a high.