When it comes to the subject of dowry payment, both Kamene and Jalas agree that there are people who have commercialized it, others have made it a big celebration with every woman having a different value.

Jalang'o believes that no matter what, as a man you should make sure you pay your dowry.

However, upon hearing of the dowry demands made by socialite, Shakilla of Sh10 million, 15 bulls and a house shopping of not less than Sh100,000, Jalang'o thinks she might not be OK.

"Uhuru afungue tu nchi because you might think somebody is OK, lockdown will send people to depression." He said.

Kamene who also saw the funny side of it, did some calculations to help the listeners understand the price of one bull just to paint a clear picture of how much she is demanding.

"If you are buying a milk cow at over Sh200,000, a bull hata half a million.

So if you are gonna put a bull at 350,000 times 15 that is 5.25 million. So in total if you want to marry Shakilla you need about 15.5Million " Said Kamene.