Churchill comedian Akuku Danger has come out to address the video that went viral of his 'eviction' from his house.

In the video, we see Akuku kicked out of his house in Rongai after falling out with the landlord over rent arrears owed since January this year.

With the way things are financially especially for people in the entertainment industry, it was believable. And that had many people sympathizing with his situation.

Speaking to Mpasho, he revealed that it is not a prank in as much as the video was released on the 1st of April, Fools Day.

“It is so funny, yaani, it is funny how even my fellow colleagues some of them think it is a prank. they think it is… niko tuu. That happened on April 1. niko tuu, I have no idea what to do next.” He said

In another video he posted, he came out to disown the allegations saying it was an April Fools joke. Is it really a joke? Was it really funny? I mean people are actually going through that situation. And it hurts them.

"The reason for the video was to create sensitization, it may not have happened to me but someone else. The video was meant to pass that message to our President Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country so that we can go back to the source for our livelihoods." He said

Well-wishers offered him monetary help which he said he will be extending to the poor and those disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I know there is someone wondering where their livelihood going to come from. I will share the money with those that are in need..." he said.