Last week had many Kenyans in the entertainment industry crying out to the President, asking the country be opened up.

Because with this second 'lockdown' they are suffering and do not want to imagine being in the same situation they were in last year with no source of income, which means their families will suffer.

The hashtag #unclockourcountry was the agenda being pushed and Gabu from P-unit made something very clear. They are being forced to suffer the consequences arising from the actions of the government.

Speaking on behalf of entertainers, he said they are tired of being the scapegoats of poor governance.

"I want to clarify something , this spike in numbers was not caused by the entertainment industry, and I refuse to accept blame for the same. We are not the default scapegoat for failed governance. It is not our responsibility to push the vaccination agenda, and we shall not allow ourselves to carry full responsibility for the mess in the country." Gabu shared.

Deejay's, event planners, MC's, hospitality and entertainers are still crying out to the President asking him to open up the country especially in the 5 zoned counties.  Read some of the lamentations below: