Amber Ray has been labelled a socialite from the first day we were introduced to her.

The story out there has been that she makes her money from dating rich men, including her 'Somali bae' with claims that he is married and she is seeking to be wife number two. Not our monkey, not our business. To each their own right?

When asked how she came from 0 to 100, she claimed that she used to sell cereals and ‘matumbo’ when she was younger. She was also a waitress and head of customer care. 


”Nimeuza matumbo, cereals 45, nimeuza maziwa, nimekua waitress and my last job nilikua head of customer care Ecitizen. And still in between I was trying several businesses kama side hustle. it’s just that we don’t look like what we have been through… we work hard behind the curtains. There’s no easy way to succeed, ata kupata pesa poa from a man you must have your own money kwanza… you can’t let people feed you all the time coz they are humans and humans get tired without a notice…” Amber Ray answered on her instagram stories

She advises women not to depend on men for money. With her hard work, she became a millionaire at 26 years old and had her first car at the age of 29.

True to her words, hard work does pay. But work is relative. If you know you know.