Some people on social media can really be so disrespectful. We are all aware things between Willis Raburu and his ex-wife Marya Prude have been shaky.

But people always provoke to bring out the worst in someone. Marya has warned her fans against calling her 'Mrs. Raburu'.

While responding to her fans' comments on her posts, Marya made it clear she is no longer Mrs. Raburu.


"I am tired of deleting your comments every time! I am Ms Irungu."

They officiated their union with a low-key church wedding in 2017 and separated last year, a few months after losing their daughter.

It has not been easy for her since then, with so many people airing out their opinion on their separation on social media. Even in their silence, people still find something to say and whether it is good or bad, it still hurts.

Neither Willis nor Marya have ever come out to speak on what happened that led to their separation. Willis said that until the both of them are ready to talk about it together, he will not say anything.

We hope we will get the details on what really happened but until then, refrain from calling her Mrs. Raburu.