I do not know when people will learn to just let Kamene Goro be. If there is one babe who practices self-love 100%, it is definitely her.

On the Morning Kiss today after a long weekend, Kamene and Jalas posted their normal picture of the day and as usual, they look amazing. Fashion sense is always on point.

But one guy, Daniel, was not impressed by Kamene's dress. Her color of choice was red, length was above the knee, accessories were beige heel, her signature watch and the Kenyan flag wrist band to complete the look and she killed it.


"Not only that, what kind of dress is that posted on media surely? Do these kiosk stations have a dress code? Where's mr moralist? Where's deputy jesus @EzekielMutua? Why haven't you rebuked this kind of dressing?" He commented on the picture

A very confident Kamene responded, basically telling him she will do as she pleases.

'Moral police! Unakasirishwa na nguo zangu hii mapema yote? Alaaaaaa! Imagine I will dress as I want! Vaa dera kama ukona shida sana"

We are from an amazing long weekend, why chose violence this morning? Be easy, Jesus has just risen.