What is a day like in Kenya without the mention of a new scandal?

As we speak many Kenyans living with HIV are suffering after reports that a consignment of ARVs worth Sh1.1 billion has been lying at the port since January 18 after being slapped with a Sh90 million tax bill.

Some of the commodities being held include HIV testing, treatment and prevention commodities such as ARVs, laboratory reagents as well as TB diagnostic and prevention medications.

This also comes at a time where Kenyatta National hospital has announced a shortage of oxygen in the facility due to the ballooning numbers of Covid-19 patients in need of oxygen.

By now, Kamene and Jalas are convinced that this country is cursed since our leaders prioritize the wrong things.

"Who cursed this country? In a layman's language, USAID manufacture AVRvs and in Kenya we have 1.5million Kenyans who depend on these drugs worth 1.1 billion, because someone has to pay the taxes. Epic fail." Jalang'o said.

He added,

Na this is not the only story, juzi there were drugs which expired at the port because someone somewhere is wondering 'tunakulia wapi?

Kamene wondered; We don't have money for oxygens but we have Sh2M bob for every MCA in this country.

Reacting to this story one caller said;

Hii ni Kenya hatuna viongozi lakini swali ni mimi umekuja kulia njaa unipatie unga nikikupatia unalia tax?

One Mr. dislocator said; Hii country eti hatuwezi enda church tusiambukizwe Covid-19 lakini ukienda Pipeline watu wamejaa masokoni.

The discussion led to Kenyans opening up on the number of decisions made by the government that left them heatbroken.