Jalang'o meets the new ride #KissMyRide
Jalang'o meets the new ride #KissMyRide
Image: Kiss 100 Kenya

Every single day Jalang'o aka Heavy J Baba continues to prove to us that he is a man of many talents.

If he is not in studio making us happy, he is busy striking deals, making music or probably playing football.

Yes I know it sounds unreal but yeah, the breakfast presenter posted a video showing off his football skills and man, 34 dribbles using both feet and one headed ball to top it off is not a small fete.

The best part is when he casually walks off like an O.G acting like he is used to it.

Looks like work without play makes Heavy J, Jalang'o lite.

I hope Ghost Mulee is watching!

Check out the video below;