Have you ever sat down and went through your contact list just to check on how you have saved some people's names?

Kenyans have a weird and hilarious habit of saving people's name on their contact list, based on how special they are,  their biashara, where they met or even according to their looks

So we decided to ask Kenyans to just share with us how they have saved their friends names on their phones and the reasons behind it.

Below are some of their hilarious responses;

Aleksei: Depends on the level of engagement. 1. People I know well-by their first names or my nicknames for them

2. Acquaintances-by their second names.

3.Clients-both names

4. Service providers-one of their names & service provision or name of company

5. Others. True caller name

Miss Melsa:Mm kuna wengine nimesave battery low

Joseph Mboo: Just with their names except mpango wa kando whom I can even Fundi wa Gari.... Pastor Mike.... And so on

Chuchu Roberts: Depending on his career... Kuna karis wa Chapo

Kimani wa Emma: Alphabetical order,,,, majina funny funny like githeri, kachumbali

Klein: Sharon mastingo

Felister Wanjiku: Sharon mastingo