Lupita Nyong'o who is currently in Kenya was on The Ellen DeGeneres show and of course, they had to talk about vacationing here.

I mean we have seen both of them enjoy Kenya. Yes, even Lupita who is very much Kenyan but now comes here as a tourist. Must be nice yeah?

Anyway, during the online interview, Ellen expressed how amazing her vacation was when she and her wife Portia Lee James DeGeneres visited the country.


''Portia and I have been to Kenya before which I loved. I am really crazy about Kenya.'' She shared

Lupita shared that she is learning how to ride a motorbike because most if not all women back home are riders. So that is the new skill she will leave Kenya with.

''I came back home and all of my cousins are riding motorbikes and I was like, obviously I have to get on. All the ladies seem to be riders and I did not want to be left out.'' She told Ellen

Ellen also mentioned that she has visited other countries in Africa including Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa. But we will stick with the fact that she is crazy about Kenya.

Both Ellen and Lupita jet into the country secretly and leave secretly we end up knowing when they have already left. But at least this time, we know Lupita is around but we can't seem to trace the hidden gems she is staying in.

Kenya, hakuna matata!