King Kaka's wife Nana Owiti is now very comfortable on screen after joining Chat Spot.

The confidence and knowledge on screen encouraged her to start a YouTube channel where she tackles parenting.

On her latest show, she had Wahu as her guest, a mother of two girls with Nameless.

The two opened up about their first-hand experience with sexual abuse and molestation. Wahu shared her story saying it was a cousin that her mother trusted would take care of her. She was only nine when this happened.

"This usually is a very difficult conversation for me because it's easier to heal from a physical wound, but an emotional wound, sometimes we don’t have tools to deal with my emotional wounds. So what used to happen is whenever I could remember, it just takes me to a dark space." Wahu started.

Wahu emotionally went on to say,

"He was 19, I don’t want to go into details but he molested me and I knew it was a bad thing and I was 9. I was angry, felt violated and I was a kid. That moment stayed with me and it has stayed with me has something very painful… thankful when my mom came back I was crying …. but I got the courage to share with my Mom and she told my Dad. Dad was very angry and he likes to talk things out but my brother who was like 16 said mimi sina time ya kuongea… he went beat up the guy who was at the river. It was okay for a moment but you can't forget. In my mind, I was like, how did he look at me like a woman and I was just a kid. It is a miracle I have talked about this without crying.” She shared

An angry host, Nana Owiti expressed how such acts take away so much from the lady. Then she shared her story.

There is this Cousin that my Mom really trusted and any time she will send food it will be this Cousin to bring… so my mom trusted this man to hare beds with me... So this man at night touches me inappropriately, and I knew it was wrong and I tell him to stop. I was in class 3, that’s around 9 years as well. So I ask him why are you doing this and he says si hata wewe unishike, then he told me ukiambia mama yako utaniona. Then we didn’t have a relationship with my Mom growing up, because she was very strict, yaani she was just a Cop hut I understand coz she had me when she was young at around 16 and she had to go back to school and even Cops were not allowed to have kids back then. Even her colleagues knew I was her small sister."

Adding that she got the courage to share with her mother and from that the next person she told was her husband King Kaka and now on her show.

"So the next day, I don’t know how to tell my mother, but one day I got the courage to tell her and I was like person ananichunachuna usiku. And she jokingly told him wewe kwanini unanichunia mtoto, usinichunie mtoto and that was it. And it was the same cycle. I didn't tell anyone up until I was pregnant with my son and that’s when I told King Kaka


This is like a trauma I have carried for so many years and I was telling King as the year began I definitely need to see a therapist concerning this.” Nana shared

This comes a few weeks after so many sexual assault cases have been shared online. The lesson even from the two ladies is, as girls are being taught to take care against men who want to prey on them, men should also be taught how to respect the women and vice versa.