"Without the rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storm in your life. Each and every day we go through a lot of trials and tribulations and they should be making us stronger." That was Jalang'o's wake up call today.

Jalang'o who was riding solo today advised that, 'If you see a man fall do not laugh but learn, and if you are the one in the storm how you manage to get out of the storm is really important.'

Using himself as a reference, Jalas said he has been through it all, friends giving him a total blackout, people talking ill about him to him making mistakes and failing as a man.

Last year was really really crazy with a lot of things going up and I didn't look back and I said you know what? I am in the storm and the only thing I can do for myself is to find how I will get out of this.

He says he is grateful that things are looking good and he is rebranding to make sure he is coming out of this well.

His advise to the listeners is that the storm might be their relationships, businesses or even job losses. But that should not stop them from embracing the difficult time and learn from it.