In the list of couple goals, we need to normalize adding Evelyn Wanjiru and her husband, Agundabweni Akweyu to the list. 

They just celebrated nine years as a married couple and she says it's all God. It does not always look as good as we see in pictures but they have been held by God.

Taking to social media as they celebrate nine years, she said God is the third strand in their marriage.

"Marriage is a gift from God. It is not a Tool for Success.....It's a great honor to be living with my best friend @agundabweni for now1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8...9years and still going by the grace of God ...🙏🏽Don't be fooled by this romantic picture we are not like this every day. We face our challenges yes we do...we are not perfect but because from day one we ensured that in this marriage the 3rd strand will be #GOD soo we don't allow our differences overcome us. We learn from every moment we share together.❤"

Evelyn went ahead to add the nine secrets to her marriage in the nine years with Agundabweni.

"1.what's the secret #prayer

2.what's the secret #communication

3.what's the secret #apologizequickly

4.what's the secret #love

5.what's the secret #forgive

6.what's the secret # honor

7.what's the secret #submit

8.what's the secret #keepthefireburning

9.what's the secret #Godonthewheel"

Adding that,

"The reason the devil is at war against our homes or strives to cause dissonance in our relationships is solely because anytime two people come into agreement, God inhabits what you agree on and is pleased resulting to Him releasing a blessing in accordance with His purpose its imperative that you stick together at all times. Marriage is also a union of two forgivers. Marriage is not a rehearsal but a real performance. It need two people with emotional muscles. People who are willing to excel together. There's power in Agreement.  #GodlyUnion #love #unityAgundabweni Akweyu❤❤❤😍April 2012.....#waweza#MunguMkuu#NoOneLikeYou#celebrate"  Evelyn concluded

So dear brethren, as you embark on the journey to marriage or if you're already in it, these could be key points. Take notes