When I grow up I want to be Elsa Majimbo. Every day she surprises us with the list of people who know her.

She is basically now besties with Naomi Campbell and that means she is now acquainted with all the model's friends including, Dave Chappelle.

During an interview with Magical Kenya's international ambassador, Dave said he first met Majimbo during a face time chat with Naomi.


"Sweetest thing is when you said 'Say hello to my friend' and you told me she's a young comedian. I'll never forget how her face lit up when she saw me, it was so sweet men, made me feel really good." Dave said

Naomi who loves Elsa revealed that soon, Ms. Majimbo will relocate to the US. I can already hear the haters.

"She's getting her visa to come over from Kenya."

An excited Elsa took to Twitter unapologetically expressing her excitement. I mean Dave and Naomi are talking about her. I would too.

Elsa may have gotten so much hate from Kenyans, but the babe is making major moves at just 19 years of age.