Victoria Kimani has come for Kenyans on social media. Being a victim, she's had it with Kenyans on social media who always bring down their own women.

Especially those who seem to be winning outside the country. You know the likes of Elsa Majimbo and Lupita Nyong'o. They have all gone through a lot of social media bullying with trolls attacking them constantly.

Victoria recalled the way Kenyans came for her saying she disowned Kenya because she was making music in West Africa.


''I remember when a few Kenyans wrote me off for working elsewhere, the same way they are doing to Lupita Nyong'o and Elsa Majimbo. Just say you all hate Kenyan women who win outside of Kenya despite the never-ending shade and lack of support from home and go. We still love you, even though you stay mad.'' She took to Twitter

This post added more hate with people telling her to stop forcing herself into the list of Elsa of Lupita. One even asked her who she is and with confidence, she told the troll to read about her

But despite the hate under the post, she got a lot of love. Fans were honest saying trying to thrive in Kenya would have wasted her.

''Kenyans are just jealous people, they could have wasted your talent, I am glad you thrived anyway. Your number one fan since day 1.''

Be easy guys, there is room for everyone to thrive anywhere. Remember we are only moving where the money resides.