Dear curious folks, Vera Sidika has made it clear that Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo have never dated.

I do not know about you, but there was a time Amber and Mauzo were sharing very intimate pictures, she even said she has found love and friendship in Mauzo.

In another post, she captioned a picture of the two saying home is when you find the one person and she tagged him.

Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo
Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo
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That was then, now he is married to Vera and this raised questions.


She took to Instagram a QnA asking her fans,

"Nipeni umbea  what's the current gist?"

One fan asked,

"Ukipokonya Amber Ray bwana akapata mwingine."

Angrily answering this, Vera said that she has never taken a woman's man.

"Never done this nonsense in my life! I never date a man in a relationship at all. Shindwel! My hubby was extremely single when he met me & I was single as well. The said lady has never been in a romantic relationship with him either, it was purely business. U know showbiz. We were even dating when the Kiki was still going on. Hope this answers y'all, curious folks. Congrats to her for finding someone."

Now both Amber Ray and Vera Sidika are happy and in love. Can we move on too?