When COVID-19 hit Kenya last year, strict measures were put in place which saw us stay home for months.

This meant many people losing jobs, businesses and more to that, the rate of violence increased in homes. 

The entertainment world changed and celebrities had to adapt to new ways of entertaining us. BenSoul introduced something he called  Qwarantunes where he gave us a song a week.

Those were raw songs that were filled with so many emotions. And that series did so well.

Taking to social media, BenSoul shared what the first song, 'Forget You' meant to him and the impact he wanted to create for his fans.

"As artists, it is our duty to reflect the times. I wrote this song in the first week of April last year to remind me of all those timeless moments we shared together because I had missed interacting with my fans especially performing on stage. "Forget You" was the first of a series of acoustic performances dubbed #Qwarantunes which are songs that I wrote during the lockdown. Pure and Raw for you. Fast forward, we are back to where we were same time last year and the third wave is even more lethal. I'm grateful that to this day the song still speaks to so many people around the world on a personal level. TO THE ONES WE'VE LOST, WE'LL NEVER FORGET YOU. ❤🌹#Qwarantunes acoustic EP is available on all streaming platforms for anyone who wants to listen."

Let's see what Bensoul has for us a year later. He never disappoints.