Lillian Muli has been through so much and most of it was in the public.

But with these tough times, come lessons and with learning the lessons comes change. 

Taking to social media, she encouraged her followers based on what life has thrown at her. 


"One day you’re going to wake up and your heart won’t be beating out of your chest for all of the wrong reasons. One day you’re going to cook breakfast to your favorite song and you’re not going to feel like the walls are closing in on you. One day you’re going to look in the mirror and you’re not going to recognize the person looking back at you, because you changed and that is the single greatest reality of moving forward; that is the incredible outcome of surviving the hardest parts of your journey.

And yes, sometimes life is going to kick your teeth in. Sometimes it is going to confuse you, sometimes nothing will make sense, and everything will be messy. But you’re going to learn. You’re going to fight tooth and nail, and you’re going to grow. Slowly but surely, you’re going to grow." She posted

So as you start this new week, listen and learn from Lillian Muli, take that leap and change your current situation. It may be tough but there will be growth.