At least it came from him and not us. Bahati has made it official that his Instagram account is also Diana Marua's.

You could be casually scrolling on Instagram and like a picture of Mama Heaven thinking it her page only to realize the last two likes are from Bahati's page. 

I want that level of love please.

Taking to social media, he made it official that his page is his wife's second account.

"I officially declare that this IG account is my Wife's second account. The number of times I post her hazifikii zangu aki 不不不不Shine Signora Bahati, the Mother to my Kids. I'm blessed to have you in my life. @DIANA_MARUA I LOVE YOU MY #ONEANDONLY ." He wrote

These days the Bahati's do not get as much hate as they used to. They decided to be real and that is what people like. So the love is immense.

If you go through his Instagram account, best believe you will think it's hers. One thing we know about her is she loves pictures and she loves looking good. So she has a lot of pictures and all are on her hubby's -as she likes to call him- feed.