Seems like the theory when it comes to breakups is simple, hurt me I hurt you. 

On The Morning Kiss today, Chito and Jalas laughed at the most creative things people do after a breakup.

"A chic did the worst after they broke up with her ex. She went to look for bedbugs and unleashed them so that if he ever brings another chic in that bed, kazi ni kujikuna tu.


Why chose violence? Ukiwachwa achika." Jalas told Chito

Chito has seen a girl ruin her ex man's Range Rover because she was hurt.

"In my estate one morning we woke up and there was so much noise. So I go downstairs to see what is going on. A chic is breaking the windows to a guy's Range Rover with a spanner. She broke his windows and then ripped his leather seats."

Reading a comment from Twitter, Jalas said creativity is being applied when one is broken.

"These breakups are bad, this chic has taken a hot iron and taken all his suits and burned them all. So that this man would go to work in a t-shirt.

So creative. Imagine someone coming to a board meeting with a suit full of iron box patched."

Warning his fellow men, Jalas said do not give her the keys so that she can clear her things from your house.


"When a girl you have broken up with tells you to give me the keys I go collect my stuff do not. You will find all your sufuria's tobolowead, broken plates and TV and even worse, she puts omo in your unga ya ugali." He said

Concluding this topic after hilarious and sad comments from listeners, Chito said,

"It is a lesson for the next girlfriend coming after her. Chics look out for each other. But on the real, ukiwachwa achika."