When Sauti Sol sang 'Heri ulie kwenye Range Rover kuliko kulia kwenye boda boda' we thought it was just creativity.

Brothers and sisters, that is what is going on, on the ground. 

Akothee, a single mother of five has put it in plain black and white, please cry in that Range Rover.


"My daughter, when you go for money, love will come. When you go for love, money will never come. Better cry in Dubai than cry in Kanyamkago. Go for money my dear."

Akothee added that she is speaking as a retired single mother. No more children Akothee?

"This is my uterus,@rue.babyGo google kanyamkagoThis tikitaka is where I do my bulzit follow me on tikitaka 不不不不不Akothee_kenya. Work hard get your money , love will come to 不不不不An advice from a retired single mother 不不不不不不不不"

From the video, Rue Baby looked like that is exactly what she will be doing. The mantra she will be living by. 

Money or love? What is your pick? But by the look of things bases on stories in Nairobi, people will follow Akothee's words of advice.