Chito and jalas
Chito and jalas

"There is never a right time, just start. Time will never wait for you so whichever way just start whatever it is that you want to start." That was today's simple but hard hitting wake up call by Jalang'o.

If you want to wait and using excuses like 'I must have this' 'I am waiting for this' for you to start, someone else would have picked the same idea.

Jalang'o narrates how they had an awesome idea and as they were waiting to start that idea they saw a poster and he knew if they tried to do the same thing, someone would have accused them of stealing the idea.

His advice is to follow your guts and do everything you can to actualize that small beautiful idea that you have in your heart.

If you keep on waiting for time, the time will never be right.

Jalang'o's wisdom applies to those who are afraid of getting married, starting a family, those who want to start a weight loss journey as well as those who want to add weight.