The Morning Kiss duo, Chito and Jalas have made in clear. If you're not a close friend, do not ask for a contribution to have a wedding.

At least for Chito he can contribute to his close friends only. As for Jalang'o he will not give you any money.

"Someone has added me in a group on WhatsApp for his wedding. I've left the group so he has come personally asking me why I have left . He has a budget for 2 million in this corona time. So he is feeling bad saying he  thought we are friends.


No we are not friends. We do not talk on other days but this time when your wedding is coming now we are friends?" Jalas told Chito

Adding that even maternity bills, count him out.

"I do not contribute to weddings or maternity bills. I mean you have 9 months to plan for this. There are places that are free. If you are afraid of going to a public hospital wait till you have the money. If your wife has a very successful birth with no complications, I am not contributing. 

Only if it becomes a medical issue. The I can contribute for the funds."

Chito said now that he is married, he knows what is required of the man. And so for his close friends, he will definitely contribute.

"I personally contribute towards weddings especially ruracio's to my close friends I contribute. Now I am a mzee wa kijana because I am married. But I will not contribute to random people. Mimi at least I am asked if I want to join the group."

Chito and Jalas' conclusion was simple, when it comes to weddings, small and intimate is a plus. Both financially and even emotionally.

"You're the one to marry your wife and enjoy, not me. Just go with ksh3300 and you're married. After the AG, go for lunch with family spend less than 100gz. Do not call me to contributed we are not friends please."