Yvette Obura
Yvette Obura
Image: Yvette Instagram

I am sure by now you know Bahati is about to drop a new jam any time from now, 'Dear Ex'. 

He has used his connections to incorporate many celebrities to talk a bit about their ex and plug him in as he gears to drop the song.

Kiss FM's Chito and Jalas did their part and Chito called his ex abnormal.

"Dear ex of mine. Not that I miss you or what you back or anything like that but I think you were showed me the difference between a normal and an abnormal person." Chito said

As for Jalas, he laughed at the fact that he was left because he had no money but look at him now...

"Dear ex uliniwacha kwa sababu nilikua nimesota. Bado niko kwa safati but unaona vitu zinabadilika sindio? " 

Diana Marua who is currently with Bahati, shared that she has not heard the song yet and she will be as surprised as we will be. 

"Mimi I have ALOT to tell my Exes, I'm sure wananiangalianga wanashangaa wajifiche wapi 😜 but for now, let me zip it up and agree with @JALANGOO 🤣🤣🤣#DEAREX is one of the songs that I haven't heard yet. Nitaiskilia hewani kama nyinyi. @BAHATIKENYA drop it already 🤔" Diana shared

This makes us want to hear it even more and makes sense what Bahati's ex, Yvette Obura said. She doesn't want to be mentioned.

"Bora nisitajatwe hapa 🤔🤔." Yvette warned Bahati

But siz, who else will he be talking about? You're his very public ex. But let us wait and see what the song holds for us.