chito and jalas
chito and jalas

Everyone is complaining on how tough times have become thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. The partial lockdown is doing nothing to help either.

As a result, taxes have skyrocketed and as a result. the prices of goods and services have ballooned, dealing a huge dent on pockets of every Kenyan. 

It is reported that the fuel prices are set to go up again beginning tomorrow and that just screams, tougher times ahead. Upon learning of this, just like any other Kenyan, Chito and Jalas were left angry and confused.

"The thought of having to fuel a liter at 128, I'm looking at that app guy who'll be trying to look for commission from those apps. I'm thinking at essential goods and when all these things are happening the country is locked." Jalang'o said.

Chito revealed that taxi services, Uber and bolt are planning switch offs in protests of the fuel.

"I mean is just too much and I have to big up Kirinyaga County because they have wavered land rates, rent, reduced pricing of single business permits, extended to may and reduced it to 25%.

I think it is important to also talk about what is going right. Nairobi county our general please do something. If bread costs 60 now with fuel prices at 122 how much will bread be at 144?" Chito wondered.

One caller, Churchill from Zimmerman expressed his pain and cannot come to terms on whether he really is a Kenyan or whether we are just visitors spending the night here.