It has been six months since DJ Mo was allegedly accused of cheating on Size 8 it with a young girl.

October was a very entertaining month for many, but for Size 8 it was full of challenges. A sister even fasted for days to help salvage her marriage.

The prayer and fasting worked because since then they love each other so much you can tell from the posts she shares and the quotes she adds.

In a recent post, she urged her followers to join her live on her Facebook channel as she had advice on marriage. Advise on the secrets to a productive marriage in this sinful generation.

"Marriage is a beautiful union created by God and God has been teaching me a lot about marriage and giving me secrets on how to have a beautiful blossoming productive marriage even in the middle of this sinful generation!! Join me live on size 8 reborn live on Facebook on Friday at 8pm as I share what the holy spirit of God has taught me about marriage and how to overcome every storm and also enjoy and be successful in marriage. Love you ❤🥰😍 @djmokenya my gift ,my one, my partner swity we conquered that mountain and now it looks like an anthill 😂😂😂😂 by Gods mighty power thru his Holy spirit nothing is impossible"  Size 8 shared

Do you agree with Mama Wambo?