Miss Morgan Tahidi High photo by moses Mwangi
Miss Morgan Tahidi High photo by moses Mwangi

Last month former Tahidi High actress, Miss Morgan came out and revealed that she was battling depression and alcoholism.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Thursday, Miss Morgan whose real name is Angel Waruinge says she was struggling to keep up with certain societal pressures 

She was known as a strict deputy principal who led a perfect life but when she would go back home, she was forced to unmask and be Angel Waruinge.


Due to fame, Miss Morgan found herself burdened with so much expectations from the society and she could not keep up.


Miss morgan Tahidi High. photo by Moses Mwangi
Miss morgan Tahidi High. photo by Moses Mwangi

"Creatives are falling into depression because you are not prepared for fame and you become an easy target and people will judge you for the simplest things." Said Miss Morgan.

She added,

As miss Morgan you are representing all the deputies in Kenya and when yo go home you unmask and become Angel Waruinge.

It (depression) was empty. Because I want you to know me as Angel and I am not perfect as the woman you see on TV. I had to live two lives as angel and miss Morgan and having expectations from so many people.

What inspired her to lose weight?


Around 2016 I had a low self esteem and the weight was hindering me from landing many opportunities.

I told myself I'll have to lose all this weight for me to regain my self esteem.  Going back I think because of money and fame I got comfortable with my weight.

I couldn't dress in a certain way as a celebrity because everyone looks at you with a big belly, shapeless. even after losing all this weight I asked myself what was that for?  l now look great and feel younger.

Miss Morgan says she views her 8-year-old daughter as an inspiration and the reason she is working on herself because she wouldn't want to fail her at any given time.