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biz talks

Kenyan men are often accused of not being romantic.

One reason is; Their significant others say they would rather say anything than use the magic word 'sorry.' Well which is true.

But romance or not, I honestly think it is more of a Kenyan problem, call it a pandemic than it is a men's problem.

Honestly, any Kenyan would rather buy you gifts, beat around the bush, play mind games, make you your favorite meal than say sorry.

Some think 'sorry' or apology is an admission of guilt, and no one wants to seem guilty right?

So Mpasho did an online poll and asked Kenyans to apologize without using the word sorry and I was not ready for the replies.

Check them out;

Lightskin: Shika hii ten thousand uache mambo mengi

Prince Malindian: Kindly let's forget what happened last time and we start a new chapter , whatever has happened it's misunderstanding each other kindly be patient with me and we move on.

Commando: Ebu tuache utoto na tuendelee poa

Jeniffer: Ni mm utaniskiza ama ni watu wenye wanataka kutugonganisha utaskiza

Funny Morris: Bae what I did was against your will, I was wrong you are right, I promise to try never to hurt you again 

Mary Ndath: Ebu kuja Kuna mahali nataka tufike 

Hyvine: Tulia mamaa... Utakula nini

Its Brian: Kwani hujui jokes?

Dare to dream: I am deeply ashamed by my actions

Michael Wambugu: Hey Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?Say you'll never ever leave from beside me'Cause I want ya, and I need yaAnd I'm down for you always