"It gets lonely in your pursuit for greatness, but that shouldn't make you bring in those who don't deserve to be with you. Go alone." That was Jalang'o's wake up call today.

This was in reference to those moments when you decide to let go of a certain group of people or ditch some friendships in pursuit of greatness.

You break off and decide to push your stuff alone or the few people who believe and support your dreams.

He says once you decide to chase your purpose most of the times you find yourself lonely or with a few people who share the same purpose with you.

Sometimes you get lonely and decide to call kina Chito you hang out kidogo and try to bring in the same people you left in pursuit of your dreams.

No! Once you decided that this is the direction I want to focus on, Chito is not part of it or whoever, however lonely it gets when you pursue whatever you want let it be lonely but go for whatever you want, you will get it.

Check out the video below;