chito and jalas
chito and jalas

Education CS George Magoha released the 2020 KCPE results on Thursday with girls dominating their male counterparts on the top 10 list.

Out of the 10 top performers, six of them are girls and Chito and Jalas think this should raise concern about the boy child.

One caller said that the society has neglected the boy child with all the focus and support being directed at the girl child. This, he says has seen the drop in performances from the boys.

Chito on his side says we risk walking on landmines if we continue to neglect the boy child or offer them less support.

Here are some of the inputs from the listeners on what could be going wrong for the boy child.

Mugambi: We say society has diminished the value of the boychild then you realize society is majorly made up of men. It's a thing of men really not being there for themselves. If only men would talk to each other like women do about their issues there would my a jubilant turn around.

Ken fidels: The day to started empowering the girl child through 1001 organizations neglecting the boy child and claiming that when you educate a girl, you’ve educated the whole community while when you educate a boy you’ve educate d someone’s husband... What did you expect??? What??

Abuko Brian: All focus is on girl child,boy child has been neglected

Kuira Macharia: Stop all advantageous privileges to the them girls. Give a flat ground for both genders and let's wait the results!

Elly Mtall: The reason is simple, nothing is happening to the boy child, they performed poorly, they failed.... There's is always failure without a reason...let that sink.

Magdalene Ndunge: Would you have asked the same question if boys had toped?Like what is happening to girl child? Celebrate success without aligning it to gender and all.

Duncan: What is happening here is that boy child is neglected for example when we reach certain age you being viewed as a 'mzigo' yet girls will be empowered till the end which is not creating equal opportunity here.