Last week, KCPE results were released and you know that means interviews and questions on what these children want to be when they proceed with their studies.

One top student was asked what she wants to become when she grows up. She politely answered a neurosurgeon. The reporter asked a genuine question on why she chose that career path and not anything else including a journalist.

The girl innocently answered she wanted to become a journalist until her teacher crushed her dreams and told her she can do better.

Of course, this statement had many journalists feeling a bit offended.

Speaking on The Morning Kisss, Chito and Jalas felt disrespected by that statement.

"They lied to you. We are better than neurosurgeons. We will not accept madharau please.

Who told you? Where does the teacher live? What does she drive?

Any child who has just finished school, let me tell you now, journalists are rich, they live well, they drive good cars. Have you ever seen a journalist strike because of no pay with placards in the streets? The teacher lied to you. There is money in Journalism as compared to that neurosurgeon."

It was the audacity of that statement for Chito and Jalas. Like how come that narrative still exists despite all the successful people in that industry. They were clear they will not accept such disrespect. I mean they are doing quite well.