The past weekend had a lot of celebrities crying out to the President and the government, begging them to open up the country.

The most affected industries are the entertainment and hospitality industries that were shut down leading to job losses and no form of income.

So people have sought to air their grievances on social media but Obinna has warned his fellow celebrities to stop begging the President. Why? Because he knows what is going on.

"Public Service Announcement.

Kenyan Artists, Celebrities and All Politicians who aren't part of the Deep state or Dynasty.🙏STOP WRITING TO THE PRESIDENT. STOP BEGGING THE PRESIDENT TO CHANGE THE LIVING STANDARDS OF KENYANS. STOP ASSUMING THE PRESIDENT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT WE ARE GOING THROUGH. He gets INTELLIGENCE ON A DAILY, TRUST ME HE KNOWS. Ps*THE former PM Also knows what is happening and he also now seats at the table and calls the shots.👌🏿SO SIMPLY PUT WE ARE ON OUR OWN.!!!👌🏿People are jobless, no food, houses being locked, marriages falling apart, people are stressed, most are depressed and have nobody to turn to.🤷🏿‍♂️The hospitality industry, Entertainment Industry amongst others are HIT BADLY but who cares?? Over $788 Million that we have received as loans haven't improved the economy and single bit. That is minus the income the government gets from our TAXES.🔵QUESTIONS??Do we need CABRO on most roads now or DRAINAGE SYSTEMS more?? What happened to BIG 4 AGENDA? Do we need A monopoly on Vaccine for COVID or we need OPTIONS?? "

Adding that,

"Why are only a few "CHOSEN" companies receiving help through the pandemic??OKAY, THE COUNTRY IS ON LOCKDOWN. What is the Government doing when we are on lockdown to better the situation?? Why are living standards so UN-MANAGE-ABLE?? Personally, I have suffered with this government wheh!!🙆🏿‍♂️ I have opened over 10 businesses and employed a few people but closed most of them due to frustrations from the government. From licenses (which are so many and expensive) to dem popoz always passing by to collect "maintenance fee" wheh!! I have SAFAD!. Wait,🙆🏿‍♂️WE CANT MOVE AROUND THE COUNTRY TO WORK BUT VISITORS FROM ABROAD ARE ALLOWED IN as TOURISTS 🤷🏿‍♂️.👌🏿"

Obinna's concern is the future for his children,

"ANY YOUNG PERSON WHO WILL CAMPAIGN FOR THE ONES IN POWER and are currently calling the shots SHAME ON YOU. You will be paid 100k- 500k and then what?? We go through this for the next 10 YEARS???👌🏿That Voter who will still vote for "MTU WETU" SHAME ON YOU!! PUGA!!.I look at my kids and I worry for their future. WHEH!! THIS COUNTRY! In conclusion. 🙄THE PRESIDENT KNOWS TRUST ME JUST DOESN'T CARE ENOUGH TO ACT ON IT. Period.🔵NEXT ELECTION LET'S USE COMMON SENSE."