Before we even get started, can we just all agree that Sanaipei Tande is a queen. From her vocals to her acting to her body. Queening.

It is very rare to see her in interviews but when she does one, she always leaves us with some new interesting insights into her life.

In an exclusive interview with Buzzroom, she opened up on the best thing that happened in her life in 2019.

"I think one of the major changes I made in my life and I think it is important to note that because everything changed from then was that in 2019 I made a conscious decision to stop drinking alcohol and so a lot and I mean a lot changed with just that one decision to get off the booze. 


Honestly, I feel like I was cheated. Like why don't I stop drinking alcohol like 10 years ago? But at the end of the day, everything happens at the time it is supposed to happen and sometimes you need to go through those experiences so that they can better your future. "

The biggest takeaway from Sanaipei's interview is this.

"And like I said I am a happy girl in a happy place."

Could be one of the major changes she is talking about is her role as a main actor in the popular Kenyan series, 'Kina'. Such big wins for the babe.