At such a young age, Vesha Shaillan became a CEO for one of her mothers, Akothee's businesses.

It is good to have a parent who pushes you to be your best and jump-starts a career or even an investment for you. Then the rest is purely up to you.

Akothee is that kind of mother. You may say what you have to say but the truth remains with five children, she is trying her best to give them the best life.

Taking to social media, the mother of five posted a picture of her daughter Vesha saying it was hard to let her go to become this independent lady.

"It was difficult to let you go , but I also needed you to stand on your feet just in case I am not breathing again💪.you have finally grown into a mature independent woman @veshashaillanKeep on, keeping on girl 💪keep it high Madam Director @akotheesafarisWe love you 💜."

Her other daughters, Rue and Fancy are equally living to their potential.  Rue is living her best as a model and she has her mother's full support. Fancy is abroad and for her, it was also so hard for Akothee to let go of her. The boys are still young but watch this space, they will also live their best lives careerwise.

But when it comes to her children, Akothee can do anything for them to live their best lives.