Ben Soul took a trip to Embu to see his family including his mother, sister and nieces all so that he can renew his motivation.

He got there and met his sister who was working at their interior design shop. Excited to see him she hugged him and they headed to see his nieces who were in school.

"I really wanted to see my nieces but they were in school so we had to go there to see them. They are my everything. These are kids I can move mountains for. I love them." Bensoul on his way to see them

He then went with the Sol Family crew to his mother's house with some shopping that she blessed, asking God to keep blessing her son.

Bensoul going to visit his family was for him to rejuvenate and to remind himself why he works. Basically to regain the motivation behind the hard work and also just take a break from Nairobi.

Meet Bensouls family below