Tedd Josiah has been keeping a low profile from his constant post and now we know it's because he was been ailing.

Taking to social media, he revealed that he started feeling a bit ill from the beginning of April. Something that he had never felt before.

"April started for me with levels of unwellness that I’d never felt before & it got to a point I frankly thought I wasn’t coming back from this. I’d like to thank all those who’ve prayed, loved and supported me through this trying month and season. Sometimes God make u stop and reminds you who is in charge in a big way! After my lifestyle change am starting to mend slowly and looking at life in a whole different way. God bless y’all our IG family and keep u in good health. We love and appreciate you. Papa bear" Tedd shared

The comment section had so many people sending love and quick recovery messages. 

He has not filled us in on what exactly is ailing him and the effect it had on his family but because he speaks his mind out with a lesson or two, I am sure we will get to know a bit more.

Quick recovery Tedd Josiah from the Kiss100 family.