FBI dancer Ezra gas decided he wants to make sure he trends this week. Trending once was not enough for him.

This week he decided to upset his fellow entertainers but saying he is full support of the lockdown the president has implemented.

"The truth nothing but the truth. Most of you are saying country ifunguliwe instead of thinking what will be the longtime solution for this corona pandemic so kufunguliwe alafu what next? Do we go to another lockdown after a month? Mimi mwenyewe kama president wa Soft life i support the lockdown and the government’s efforts to minimize deaths the problem is us raia we are not keen to observe corona rules its like you wait to be policed in order to follow corona rules and ukweli isemwe this rules are not only in kenya ziko all over the world. Let's talk about consequences already Kenya is blacklisted by UK USA & other EUROPEAN countries for not managing corona situation properly do we understand the economic implications of this? Mr. president mimi kama president wa soft life i support the lockdown by 8pm watu wakuwe kwa nyumba lets flatten the curve." Ezra took to Instagram


This post definitely upset so many people. Not only those in the entertainment industry but also Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

It has been a tough couple of months.

Ezra went ahead to add that he will say what he wants to say as it is his page and he has his own opinion which does not have to be like everyone else.

"Sincerely some of you need to unlock your minds before you ask the president to “unlock our country “We are more concerned about lost incomes more than lost lives. Opening the country means covid will consume us all I feel the pain but support the president's moves. Mr president lockdown the country find us a long-term solution, not a quick fix that will get us back to this position again & again." He added

Among those who were not going to sit and agree with Ezra's school of thought was Chiki Kuruka, a fellow dancer.

"Rest in Power to each and every person who has been lost to Covid and to the families and friends who still have to live with that loss on a daily basis. But let me ask, seeing as we are 'unlocking' our brains.... To the almost 9 MILLION Kenyans who don't have to access to safe drinking water, where is the concern? For the 30+ thousand Kenyans who died last year as a result of poverty (a number that only increases as the economy crashes), to the thousands of people on the poverty line who have turned to theft because they can't make ends meet, where is the concern? As we are 'unlocking' our brains.... where is the stimulus support for the small/medium size business owners who employ Kenyans that keep the economy going? It's absolutely fine to support a candidate, but it's reckless and irresponsible to drive a narrative that doesn't take into consideration your average Kenyan, and closure should be supported by government financial support... which hasn't happened, so the question is therefore what are our taxes for? This video alone shows that your reality is not that of 99% of Kenyans who don't have 1st hand access to their leader, take some time and talk to them, and whilst we are 'unlocking' our brains, shall we also discuss the folks who have gotten richer as a result of this pandemic ? Or is that 'unlocking' our brains too far?" Chiki replied

Terence poses a question to him asking Ezra to help us understand how he makes his money as a creative now that there is little to nothing to do.