Jamal had only but good things to say about his wife, Amber Ray - yap, we have to get used to this, I mean it's been a month now.

Apparently, the babe changed him for the better. Now we do not know if he changed five years ago or a month ago. They have known each other for five years but married for one month.

In an interview with Kiss Fm's Jalango, Jamal says marrying the socialite, Amber has made him calm down as he was a loner.


"Before I settled on Amber Ray I was living a very expensive life, I would spend 50k per day. today I can meet women I have been with and I wouldn’t even remember. My wife should know Amber Ray is a blessing. I was a loner but Amber came and understood me as I am." He said

Jamal added that at first, his 1st wife Amira - who has been going at it with Amber - was not OK with him bringing a second wife, but she has now calmed down.

"She calmed down at some point as I had told her I would marry a second wife. I also proved to her it was better to be with Amber than be with other women out there cheating."

Let me just show you how deep this type of love is. Jamal told Jalas that Amber has his Instagram account and she runs it. So ladies your DM's to him, she sees them all.