When will y'all just let Zari Hassan be? This time she is asking her loyal fans to start believing everything they read about her on the blogs.

I am sure you have seen this quote on social media; 'I am at a point in my life where whatever you hear about me, please believe it.' This is a person who is tired of rumors and trying to defend themselves because it never counts.

Zari insisted people should also believe any rumor they hear about her, and they are free to add anything they want because she is not changing who she is.

“Be unapologetically you no matter what people say or think of you. If you ever read anything on the net about me or hear a rumor about me, please believe all of it. In fact, you can add your own”  Zari wrote

Her life was forced to be in the public eye after dating Diamond Platnumz, sorry married to him. His life back then was very much out there and that meant hers was going to be out there and that gives room for a lot of poking.

Now anything she does is being scrutinized.