Diamond Platnumz has really changed. And with his position as WCB head, he felt it was only right to become a musical big brother figure in the drama between Rayvanny and Harmonize.

In a recent interview,  Mr. Platnumz advised the two to focus on creating good music instead of getting personal with their beef.

Adding that, their drama should not be like his and Alikiba.


"I have heard they are taking each other to the cops. It is not something that I taught them. Even looking at us, Alikiba and I, as big brothers, you never saw us go to the extent of taking each other to the police or even in court. It never went past the music. It should be more about who has the most views or subscribers." Diamond said

Harmonize and Rayvanny have been trending over their relationship drama involving actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala. The drama went as far as nude pictures leaking online and Harmonize was not pleased at all, so he had the ladies arrested and Rayvanny dragged to court.