Comedian Eric Omondi has had trial and error moments with babes but manz is still single.

Remember he had not only promised Chantelle but Kenyans and  Italians, that he will marry her. He actually wanted a very huge wedding ceremony but they broke up in the middle of the plans.

Then he started going on holiday with his baby mama Jacque Maribe after she was released from prison and we thought maybe they will try and work things out. I mean they are already a step ahead.

But in Eric Omondi's words, marriage is currently not a priority in his life.


"My family is my son and my mum, but I will get more kids. Eric getting his wife and settling down, those things no longer work. All my friends and uncles who were married are all divorced. Something is wrong and I need to carry out research." He told Word Is

Adding that he wants to understand why even marriages he has MCed  have failed. That is his fear.

"The fact that I am 40 years, it is still not a priority. If you see people who are older than you divorcing or in unhappy marriages, just know there is a problem. I fear a failed marriage. Although I can make it work, I also need to know why for even those I MCed their weddings, most have failed. I do not want to be a commando and end up in a mess. My parents are even tired of waiting for me to settle down." Eric added

Eric had promised to get a wife and that led him to start a 'reality show' dubbed Wife Material.

"My birthday will be on 9th March. I cannot go into 2022 without a wife and a child. The country cannot get a new president and I fail to get a wife, impossible." he said.

We are now on season two and it has just been pure drama and no wife. But as we like to say, to each their own.